Chhatrapati Shivaji

Shivaji, the Great Maratha During the reign of the Mughal Emperors, a band of Hindu guerrilla warriors, called the Marathas, was beginning to rise up and try to free their Mother India from the rule of the Mughal invaders. They finally achieved their goal, for Aurangzeb, the sixth Mughal Emperor, was the last emperor with […]

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Akbar the Great

Almost the whole world has heard of the great Mughal Emperor Akbar. He was the greatest ruler India would ever see. Here is his story.   CHILDHOOD Jalaluddin Mohammad Akbar was born while his parents, The Emperor Humayun and his wife Hamida Banu Begum, were in exile in Persia. Thus, he spent his childhood learning how […]

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The Pandyas

The Pandyas The Pandyan kingdom was one of three glorious ancient kingdoms in South India—the Cholas, the Cheras, and the Pandyas. The longest ruling dynasty in all of history. Their capital was Korkai, later moved to Madurai, in the state of Tamil Nadu, which they ruled entirely.   The Beginning of the Pandyas The Emperor […]

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Harshavardhan Harshavardhan was a great king of India who came to rule in the middle of the sixth century. He was one of the greatest rulers of his time. When the Gupta Dynasty came to an end, Northern India broke up into small kingdoms. One of these kingdoms, Sthanvisvara (now called Thanesar, in the state […]

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Ashoka the Great

Ashoka the Great One of the most beloved kings of all India’s history was Emperor Ashokavardhan Maurya, better known as Ashoka the Great. How the Harsh King Turned Kind Born to Emperor Bindusara and Queen Shubhadrangi, Ashokavardhan Maurya was a ruthless conqueror by the time he came of age. He was, though, the youngest of […]

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